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ROAD TRIP [Dec. 26th, 2006|01:33 pm]
Rainbow Boys


It's Christmas
It's my birthday
It's New Years
It's time for a fucking road trip

Here I have sat, all morning, armed with pens, highlighters, and a great desire to explore. In doing so, I've come up with TWO options - one taking me SOUTH down to Texas, and the other through the NORTHEAST.

I need your help deciding. I know, obviously, like the birds, that the weather factor plays on the side of pointing the car SOUTH, but that's just one among many considerations. If YOU live in one of these places, have any knowledge that could be useful, want to get together for a drink, or just wish to weigh in, please do. I'm also open to altering either trip ever so slightly. For Thursday, I pack the car for .. elsewhere.

Itinerary I. : Northeast

THU: Cleveland, OH
FRI: Pittsburgh, PA
SAT: Philadelphia, PA
SUN: New York City
MON: Hartford, CT
TUE: Boston, MA / Providence, RI
WED: Boston, MA
THU: Portland, ME
FRI: Syracuse / Buffalo, NY
SAT: Toledo, OH
SUN: Home

Itinerary II. : South

THU: St. Louis, MO
FRI: Oklahoma City, OK
SAT: Austin, TX
SUN: Austin, TX
MON: San Antonio, TX
TUE: Houston, TX
WED: Dallas, TX
THU: Dallas, TX
FRI: Wichita, KS
SAT: Kansas City, MO / Omaha, NE
SUN: Home