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Happy Valentine's Day! - Rainbow Boys [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Happy Valentine's Day! [Feb. 14th, 2007|10:57 am]
Rainbow Boys


[mood |lovedloved]

Today is about love, so I'm going to give you all a very important reminder:


Love isn't about finding a boyfriend, it's about finding what's inside yourself to love. Stop going out to the clubs looking for love - I guarantee that's the worst way to find it. Spend the time on yourself, do the things *you* love to do, and when you've finally arrived at the place where you are comfortable in your own skin, I promise the world will move in your favor, and what you need to happen will happen. It's not easy, and it's going to take time, but start now for your own well being.

Be honest. Be true to yourself. And love yourself.

You're worth it.

[User Picture]From: crazymeow
2007-02-15 11:20 pm (UTC)
. . . however, we may want it so bad that it seems like we need a boyfriend. I've been there and it took me a while to even begin to get over that (I still haven't). I've never been in a real relationship, never had a boyfriend, and it sucks when a lot of guys are like: "you? never had a boyfriend? but you're beautiful!!" wtf. I guess I'm attractive according to certain peoples' tastes however I hate that gay people base someone's relationship experience on how "beautiful" they are. But anyways, I've learned to love myself of recent. I don't let never having had a boyfriend govern my life nor should I. And I'm so much happier when I force myself to realize that I don't need a boyfriend no matter how much I want one. It's worth the wait. The more patient you are the better the gift will be at the end. I'd rather have a few amazing boyfriends who I can fall in love with than a million shitty relationships that just leave me feeling insecure and self-destructive (as is the case with a lot of gay boys I know)

phew, that was obviously something that's been waiting to come out of me for a while. I feel so refreshed. wow.

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