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Takes & Cuts [Oct. 11th, 2006|10:13 am]
Rainbow Boys

We're just too quick to put on the face, to bring our interpretation of Hollywood into the bedroom. Good intentions spill like a bottle on wine on parched carpet, and you act out the scene for him because it makes you feel better to believe that you're making him feel like he's satisfying.

It's all very calculated, and entirely too artificial. Climbing a steep mountain, the air thins and the elevation may affect your ability to think coherently. It's interesting how the elevation of your naked legs produces the same effect.
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Your days are numbered, numerically [Sep. 25th, 2006|07:01 pm]
Rainbow Boys

I do not wish to concede that I am, perhaps, one of those people who is happier when he is with ("with", for purposes herein, may be replaced with "seeing") someone, but after five dates and with a sixth on the horizon .. I must say. Yeah, there's been an extra step in my step.

Walked passed a gas station (irony?) on my way downtown. $2.29/gallon. A friend recently forwarded me a correspondence from years past, at which time I took opportunity to vent on the "superfluous" gas prices out West, at a time when I was shelling to Shell $2.05/gallon. So things are going down, you see, while still going up. Deceptive, yes.

This piece, when I leave it, leaves me mentally exhausted. Or, I leave it because of this. Yes. I have not put so much work into a single work in some, some time. Infuses Warhol, and of course he just emanates sex, with Toronto, and a stranger (me?) fresh off the ViaRail, the escape of something tragic (haven't decided just what yet). So there's sex with numerous degrees of armored separation from this horrible thing that's happened to him, and he just leaves. He can't deal and he hops the fucking train and he's in the city, and then there are some things around Warhol. His main attraction exhibit is featured there, you see, (and it is, yes, I saw it), and that's going to run parallel with another part of the work. Oh, and he's staying at a hostel, just because I'd like to think that dirty things can happen there.

Dirty things can happen anywhere.
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Intro [Jul. 31st, 2006|03:58 pm]
Rainbow Boys

[Current Location |60173]

Full Name:  Thomas Lopez
Age:  23
Sum yourself up in one word:  diverse
Pic (if any):  see user icon
Favourite things:  turkey sandwiches, heineken, baseball
Location:  Chicago, IL
If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?:   global climate change, or world wide financial market manipulation
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New Member [Jul. 28th, 2006|04:40 pm]
Rainbow Boys

[mood |tiredtired]

Full Name: Dave
Age: 29 (yes, I'm almost "gay middle age")
Sum yourself up in one word: Science-geek
Pic (if any):

Favourite things: food, friends, rollercoasters
Location: Southern Indiana
If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?:
Make everyone learn how to think for themselves instead of just inherently trusting what some arbitrary "authority figure" tells them to think.
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This one time at church camp... [Jul. 28th, 2006|04:27 pm]
Rainbow Boys

[mood |calmcalm]
[music |Brad Paisley - Out In The Parkin Lot (With Alan Jackson)]

Full Name: Nick
Age: 25 but told I look 18 or 19
Sum yourself up in one word: weird
Pic (if any):

Favourite things: board games, card games, fishing , camping, photography, check out my profile
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?:

make people not become complete idiots once they get into a line up.

my journal is mostly friends only so message or e-mail to be added
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heyyyy [May. 25th, 2006|05:53 pm]
Rainbow Boys

I used to have an lj (jonirenicus)...then i got rid of it....ohh well. im back! lol, whats up boyzz??
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VOTE FOR MATT! (REPOST) [Feb. 3rd, 2006|04:43 am]
Rainbow Boys

Hey everyone!!

Matt's film, GREEN ROOM, is one of the 4 finalists (in the experimental category) for the PLANETOUT.COM short film contest.



you can vote once a day, so if you get bored...please vote for me everyday =)

There a bunch of cool films in this contest though, I really recommend watching them all.

Much Love,
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(no subject) [Jan. 3rd, 2006|04:21 pm]
Rainbow Boys

Today, Delegate Bob Marshall (R-Manassas) of Virginia announced a new bill he will bring to the 2006 Virginia General Assembly Session. HB 187 will prohibit unmarried women from child bearing.

With HB 187, no health professionals of any kind will be permitted to assist an unmarried woman in becoming pregnant.
With HB 187, no gay couple will be permitted to have a child through surrogacy, unless the surrogate woman is married.

Equality Virginia sent out a statement which said HB 187 would "prevent a widow from being inseminated with her dead husband's sperm or their embryos." - Is this family values?

Full Text of HB 187:

"HB 187 Prohibition on the provision of certain intervening medical technology to unmarried women. Del. Robert Marshall. No individual licensed by a health regulatory board shall assist with or perform any intervening medical technology, whether in vivo or in vitro, for or on an unmarried woman that completely or partially replaces sexual intercourse as the means of conception, including, but not limited to, artificial insemination by donor, cryopreservation of gametes and embryos, invitro fertilization, embryo transfer, gamete intrafallopian tube transfer, and low tubal ovum transfer."
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A house divided. [Dec. 29th, 2005|06:28 pm]
Rainbow Boys

[mood |crappyalone.]
[music |Garden State Soundtrack - The only Living Boy in New York]

I haven't even thought about posting on here in a while. After one gets settled in a life cycle, things like live journal or a journal peroid seem to fall to the wayside in a battle of finding all the hours in the day to do everything on my to-do list....


So if i'm posting I must have something on my mind right? Of course.

See I have this friend....my best friend in fact. I started to date this guy, the most impossible guy to date ever. Way too hot, way too inexperienced and I was (am) way too jealous, desprately ready to be settled. And although I am hopelessly infactuated with the boy....it's just not a good idea.

How does this tie into my best friend? No, said guy is not my best friend. But after being kicked out by his mother, said guy (his name is "Justin"...lets just call him Justin), he moved in with me...and my best friend and my best friends roomate.

And now that my best friend is considering not being with the boyfriend anymore and I and Justin have called it quits (and that's before we even decided to start dating)....everything feels weird.

My best friend and I always match....clothes, moods....everything. And all of a sudden that's not the case.

Justin in fact just left with my BFF wearing matching outfits.

I am now, offically, (as Hedi K would say) Out of Style. I am the 3rd wheel.

This is the most painful admission I have ever made. But my days of spending endless hours on manhunt are over...and I suddenly remember this little gay boy who wanted to revoloutize fashion and life and make his stamp on the world.

And here am I, with a best friend who I thought would be there with me every step of the way and now I'm not so sure.

I really can't do it alone. I really cant be without him. I can't loose another friend because they think the next best thing has come along.

And fuck all that self love bullshit. What's the point of loving yourself, if no one loves you back. No one gets botox cause they think they look fine.

Well. that's that I guess.

Guess I'll go make that botox appt and smoke a bowl or 8 and try to rememeber what it's like not to feel so fucking alone.
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Something to Cream Your Pants Over [Dec. 26th, 2005|09:55 am]
Rainbow Boys

my friend, fernan, just posted another installment to his "hot boys".

if you need something to cream your pants over, check out his journal:

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