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Rainbow Boys


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Rainbow Boys, an inclusive gay LJ community
Named after the novel by Alex Sanchez, Rainbow Boys is one of Livejournal's gay communities. Rainbow Boys was created as an alternative to gay_boys, with acceptance within the gay community in mind. Oftentimes, we let our differences divide us even farther apart, when we should be utilizing those differences to unite us. The rainbow is comprised of seven different colours, each coming together to form a beautiful vision. That is the idea behind this community (and we have two mods to help you).

Rules are as follows:

*Please do not post quizzes
*Pics and very long posts (more than FIFTY words) are to be placed behind an LJ-CUT (If you don't know what an LJ-CUT is, please ask your mods, mtxoracle, captqueerboi, fernanb or esprix).
*X-posting is fine
*Please fill out the new member survey below and use it for your first post.
*Rudeness is not tolerated from this community; you will be banned if you are deemed to be harassing or continually insulting its members.

Full Name:
Sum yourself up in one word:
Pic (if any):
Favourite things:
If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?:

Please treat this journal as you would your own; something to be proud of, rather than something you fill with utter mindlessness. All opinions are welcome; however, please use tact, rather than rudeness.

This community is the sister community of mr_eljay.
Please feel free to join that community, as well.

Marriage is love and free to anyone.
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Rainbow Boys Member of the Month

January 2005 bluepose, jason_faux and pique2u

By watching [adult swim] or having seen the [adult swim] logo you hearby agree to the following.

1. [adult swim] reserves teh right to do whatever the hell it wants to especialy if you dont like it.

2. The party of the first part, the viewer, is required to give the party of the second part, [adult swim], part of everything the party of the first part partakes in any parties in wich the party of the first part partook. Including prezels.

3. [adult swim] and all it's affiliates are in fact affiliated. With the exception of [adult swim] Djibouti.

4. Ergo, vis-a-vis, concordantly. Turner Legal reserves the right to kick you and your dog in the face at any point in time in wich said faces are within range of aformentioned kicking.

5. If you / the party of the first part/ the viewer do not adhere to the guidlines set forth in this very legaly binding document, immediateley procede to step 4. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200.